Our Procedures


At Global LASIK Laser Center, we harness cutting-edge technology to offer a comprehensive suite of three advanced procedures.


Key Considerations for Choosing Your Vision Correction Procedure

1. Eye Examination and Assessment
2. Corneal Thickness and Suitability : Corneal thickness plays a significant role in the choice of procedure
3. Visual Recovery Time and Lifestyle: Consider your lifestyle and the importance of rapid visual recovery
4. Long-Term Corneal Health and Discomfort: Assess your tolerance for post-operative discomfort and the potential long-term impact on corneal health
5. Personalized Recommendation and Consultation

Ultimately, the best choice among LASIK, PRK, and C3R will depend on your individual circumstances. Consulting with an eye specialist and carefully considering these points will help you make an informed decision that aligns with your vision goals and eye health.